Is It Possible to Avoid Dents?

I often hear my customers tell me that they park as far away as they can from other cars in parking lots. And yet, they still get dents. I tell them jokingly that our next marketing campaign will involve cars parked well away from anyone else. Now there is our target market!

Recently, a customers and I were talking about how we choose our parking spots in order to avoid the resulting dent repair. I said I never park next to really old, beat up vehicles. These owners really don’t care about the condition of their vehicles to which my customer agreed.

Then I said, I usually pick a new model vehicle, especially German imports to park next to – BMWs, Mercedes. To my surprise, he disagreed. He said a lot of those vehicles are leased vehicles. I looked at him strangely for a bit. Then it hit me. Longterm rentals!!! Total genius, I told him.

Realizing I was speaking to someone who had put some serious thought into the subject, I needed to know more. I asked him what type of vehicles he looks for when parking.

He offered, “You have to look for vehicles that are a few years older, not too old, but a vehicle that is in really decent shape. Now, the owner driving that vehicle is someone who takes care of his ride and is definitely not going to give you a dent.”

And I thought the common thing here was pride. Someone who takes pride in the ownership of their vehicle is the thing that will prevent a dent in your vehicle.

So, consider the advice. Add a pre-parking step to your routine and see if you can reduce the number of dents you pick up.

And if not, we can remove the dents and try to figure out who not to park next to next time.

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