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I bought my first glue puller in 2005 from Wurth, a company based in Germany. I remember using it at the time and being pretty disappointed. The stock glue that came in the kit wouldn’t adhere to the panel that well and it was pretty much useless. Fast forward to 2010 and suddenly, with the advent of better glue and tabs, it’s amazing how good this paintless dent removal tool can now be.

A glue puller lets you pull out dents from the surface of the panel without damaging the paint. I usually won’t pull any dents out with a glue puller unless I’m sure it’s original paint and no older than 10 years. However, I have pulled some hail dents out of a roof recently on an originally painted 14 year old BMW without any problems.

Here’s a recent glue pull job I did for a local auto body repair shop. The car pictured is a 2010 Audi A4 and the dent measured out to be about 5 inches running horizontally.


Sometimes you can access the dent on the quarter panel of a vehicle with a long rod by removing the tail light but for this particular car it wasn’t an option because the gas filler would obstruct access.

Behind the wheel liner fabric there are some factory holes on the Audi but they are not close enough to use for access with a small hand tool. Drilling in the door jamb of the car could provide access to the dent on some makes and models but there’s no way any reputable auto body repair shop would allow this as an option. This is an option that I avoid like the plague and what I feel separates us from some paintless dent removal competitors out there.

As you can see the dent was wider near the gas lid and got thinner as it traveled closer to the door. This made it challenging when glue pulling and I was very careful not to over pull any area.


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