So Far So Good for 2013

I did have a bit of trouble getting out of neutral from the Holiday break but I didn’t have much time to get it in gear. The phone calls and the emails for dent repair are rolling in at a good clip for the depths of winter. This is usually a good time for planning the coming year and getting caught up on things you were putting off from the busy period. But I’m finding I don’t have that luxury this year.

I’ve talked to a few different people in the car business this week and they’ve told me that they’re either very slow or the business is inconsistent. The dent removal business is going fairly well though. I think it’s likely that because we service different sectors of the dent repair business – dealers, auto body, detail shops and private customers. So if one sector is slow another one is calling.

Here’s hoping that everyone’s business gets a good boost in the coming months ahead!

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