Paintless Dent Repair Tools

Have you tried out our redesigned website’s new slide bar on our before and after pictures*? That thing blows me away. And I wish dents were that easy to repair.

Unfortunately, they are not. It takes years of practice and experience in the trenches to remove some of those dents. It also takes time to build up a good arsenal of paintless dent tools. We have done a lot of research over the years online and in the field to determine which dent tools are worth the hype and which ones just don’t measure up. We have even gone to the annual dent convention in Florida to talk to the best dent repair guys in the business for their opinions on paintless dent tools.

It is truly amazing what the right dent tool will do. The increase in speed and accuracy can be quite mind boggling when I look back to the dent tools that I started with.

And with the increase in speed, we are able to keep our service that much more cost effective for our customers.

*on desktop version of site only

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