We Saved a Guy $4800 Yesterday!

My last job of the day yesterday was for a guy named Bob. Bob dropped an auto part on the hood of his beautiful 1967 Mustang creating a 3/4 inch deep dent. This car is amazing. And the trophies in his garage were a testament to that.

I love working on classic cars like these but they also stress me out as I cannot afford any mistakes. But the dent removal went very smoothly. I ended up using a dent repair hand tool with a really sharp tip for bottom of that deep dent that I picked up at the Dent Repair Convention in Orlando.

So I put my bill together and it totaled $180. Bob gave me $200 and said that if the Paintless dent repair hadn’t worked he would’ve had to paint the entire car! His painter quoted him $5000! Needless to say, my jaw dropped when he told me that.

I was really glad I could help him out in that situation. That’s one steep cliff to be perched on.

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