Paintless Dent Repair, how is it done?

Light board

The fine details of the dent are much easier to see with a line board.

Paintless dent repair is a technique used to push a dent out using special tools in a specific pattern. We access the back of your panel through various access points and use leverage to carefully push the dent out. It is a precise process that requires a highly skilled and experienced technician.

Before a dent occurs, the metal in the body of your car has a generally uniform tension throughout it. When an object strikes your vehicle’s body, it creates a distortion in that tension.  We at Dent Craft, use a collection of techniques to essentially reverse the dent and return the panel to its original state.


The tools we use to repair dents are unusual but they are essential in our work. A tool unique to our trade is the reflector board or line board. This is usually a bright Plexiglas board with black lines or fog printed on it. We use a suction cup to attach it to the vehicle with a flexible arm called Loc line so we can bend it in any position. The reflector board is a portable reference to use while we repair the dent and it makes the fine details of the dent much easier to see. A variation on the reflector board is the light board which we use for less than perfect lighting conditions and extra fine detail.

PDR rods

PDR rods of all sizes

Next are the specialized metal rods. These come in all shapes, sizes and lengths but they are generally long and skinny to access the tight spaces behind your vehicle’s panel. We use these to push the bottom of the dent up.

Finally, we use a hammer and nylon tapper to tap down the high spots of the dent.

Glue Puller

This is an alternative to the typical paintless dent repair technique because some dents are not accessible from behind. Using glue designed for this process, a plastic tab is glued to the dead center of a dent. Then a puller is positioned and the technician carefully lifts the plastic tab, and pulls the dent out with it.

Although the paintless dent repair process is well known in car dealerships, the general public is still mostly unaware that this type of repair is a possible option. That’s what makes us excited about the future of our company – letting people know not only about what we do but what we are capable of. Take a look at our Gallery of Before and After shots and see for yourself.
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Glue puller

Glue puller

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